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Cancel Culture is The New Online Bullying

How many times have we seen or heard of a famous celebrity or social media influencer who said or something offensive then we, as society ban together to cancel them? When society starts to play judge, juror and executer on a 15 second clip it comes with a series of problems. When we think we are holding someone accountable for their wrong doing when we have don't have all the facts. We run the risk of causing a lot of damage to an innocent person. It's time for us really think about how we should cancel someone. In this article we'll discuss how to do that and what cancel culture actually is.
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Is Minimalism For Me?

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a new apartment before you moved all of your stuff into and how clear your mood is? Or if your place is cluttered you noticed that your mood is more negative? If so then maybe you should consider trying minimalism. The concept that started off as an artistic way of self expression turned into a lifestyle that many people say has created a positive effect on their mood and behavior. In this article we'll explore what exactly is minimalism and how it can be applied to your life.

Dealing With Writer's Block

Imagine you're on the top of your game as a writer. After years of working on your novel you finally signed with an agency who makes a promises for you to be their next best seller. Things are going well. Then you start working on your next novel. Then all of a sudden you get writer's block. No matter how hard you try nothing good comes to mind. You start wonder will you ever be ever to write again. Eventually, your mind goes down a dark path of not knowing if you'll be able to write again. However, there is a way to get over writer's block. If you follow the tips in my blog, you'll be back to writing soon.
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It's Okay to Say No

There's one in the dictionary that is very hard for people pleaser to say and that's "no". Saying the word word for people pleasers feels like we're saying a cuss word. We want so badly for everyone to like us why not just tell people yes all the time even if we we can't do it or it'll cost us our sanity? You can imagine how much stress that puts onto people pleasers. Eventually, the person who once wanted to make everyone happy now secretly feels full of resentment and anger for sacrificing their happiness as the expense of others when sometimes there other person is either unaware or doesn't care. Well no more of that. In this article we'll explore how the word "no" can make people around not only like you more, but respect you more and how damaging not saying no to things you can or don't want to do.